Tackle the hectic - A year towards tranquility


Hello friends and followers! Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas time. I have been enjoying these long mornings, endless The Crown marathons in pyjamas and cozying up in the nook of the sofa with a good book. All this hygge has created some much needed time and space for thinking. Thinking about the year gone by and the year ahead.

I believe reflection is the most powerful tool for renewal. Therefore these moments of thinking back and dreaming about the future are essential for creating a life you love. 

2017 was a meaningful year in many ways. A year for accomplishments, changes and new beginnings for me. I graduated with my Master’s degree from Lund, found a clear aim for my next career move, got an amazing job where I have been able to chase my ambitions, moved back to Finland after my almost 3-year-stunt in Sweden and started to create some more stable roots in my life. Change is constant. But sometimes one needs a little stability, or tranquility, to balance out the twists and turns in life. 

Do not get me wrong - tranquility does not mean turning into a hermit knitting beanies beside a fireplace and shying away from new adventures. To me it means achieving a sense of inner calm and content - even when it gets a little windy outside. To find tools and habits to remain in balance. To find more of those moments to realise, reflect and redirect. To tackle the hectic and the hassle.


Because it has struck me this past year more than ever that I have a bad habit of stressing about the little things. This is a habit I would very much like to lose. People who constantly complain about being too busy are usually pretty annoying - and whoops, I have found myself to have become one of the noisy little bees in the beehive. 

So now I crave for that clarity of thought which enables me to focus on the right things. Sweeping away mental clutter is essential for creative work. This aim to tackle the hectic has a lot to do with finding the right ways of working for me - perhaps the most important learning curve for any career-girl or boy - but also to find more space in my spare time for inspiration and inner growth.

Sweeping away mental clutter is essential for creative work.

So that is it - my goal for 2018 is to implement more elements of tranquility to my life. What is yours?

❤︎ Vilma