VK Vlogs ∣ Part 1

Vilma Komulainen looking to the sunset

I titled my first blog post: "Blogs are passé but here I am". Blogs really are rather old school but for me, blogging feels like a fitting format. But if one would like to truly be on top of their game, vlogging is the way to go. Meticulous vlogging requires serious commitment though, and that commitment feels intimidating to me right now. Nonetheless, last week I gave it a little go. I don't have any proper gear with me here in Lund, so the quality wasn't impressive, but I guess that wasn't really even the point. The point is to collect some snippets of our daily lives during this last month here in southern Sweden. So here you go, VK Vlogs part 1! On this part 1 I tried to return to the routines after the Easter holiday in Finland, worked on the thesis and shopped for a graduation dress. And I'm sorry to all my international friends, this one is in Finnish.

Have a great start to the week!

❤︎ Vilma