The tale of the team spirit

It's better to have a great team than a team of greats.

I have truly loved every single job I’ve had. I’ve worked for some pretty amazing brands but most importantly, I’ve always worked with some pretty amazing people. People who I’ve laughed with on a daily basis, people to whom I’ve shared life stories, people who weren’t just co-workers. People who were, and are, my friends.

Having had these great experiences in my career, I know that having co-workers I’m able to call friends is personally the number one motivator in my work. No matter if I was selling sofas, going through detergent complaints or posting about phones. Motivation is built upon tasks that challenge you enough, that you find interesting and worthwhile, a goal or a vision that you believe in and that certain inner fire for your job. And to me, a major kindling for that fire is the people around me. Not only do they make getting up for the office fun, they drive me to do a better job. Good teams do better results because they share a common goal and because they want to reach that goal together. 

Strategic recruiting is the foundation for strategic employer branding

Good teams are rarely built in champagne brunches and bowling allies, although I am a firm believer in the after work culture. Neither are they built through constrained team building activities and trust falls. They are built by doing strategic recruiting. Cheers to all my past bosses and recruiters, you did a good job! Strategic recruiting is not just about finding talents whose strengths and abilities support each other, it’s about finding people who fit together on a personal level. People who would survive together in a deserted cabin for a week, and probably would even be having fun while doing it. People who get each other's jokes.

It’s also strategic employer branding. People who know me know that I like to talk about my past work places a lot. And I really mean a lot, sometimes I feel like the first thing I tell to new people is a short presentation of my past employers. I probably should make a Power Point. I feel proud about all of them, and truly, I still feel a strong emotional connection to each of them. I dare to say that that enthusiasm has had a positive effect also on how my inner circle sees these employers and brands. The results of successful employer branding, which is delved from authentic passion and team spirit, carry far.

The importance of team spirit is also something to think about for the job applicants. How much research do you usually do about the people working in the company you’re applying to? Do you try to picture if they are the type of people you would connect with? I think it’s just as vital to do the research on the people as it is on the company. Work is such a massive part of our lives, it would be a tremendous shame to spend that part feeling isolated and alone behind a computer screen. 

So who are you spending 40 hours a week with?

❤︎ Vilma