Blogs are passé but here I am

Vilma Komulainen Malmö

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Vilma. I'm 27, I live in Lund, Sweden but for the most part of my life I have lived in Turku, Finland. I currently study a Master's degree in International Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University and will be finished in just two crazy short months. Before hopping back into the student life, I worked within social media, community management and customer service for a few years in Stockholm, my dear home away from home. I like to go on a Pinterest binge with a good cup of coffee on Saturday mornings, delve into the fluffy Youtube beauty world full of highlighters and false lashes and get inspired by the peppy new media entrepreneurs. I'm something I like to call an avid social media wanderer.

So that's now. But let's have a little walk down the memory lane of how I got into social media.

I have always loved playing around with content creation and enjoyed a touch of a creative spark in midst of the mundane. Creative essay writing was my strong suit at school (but for some reason I was hung up on the idea of becoming a doctor for a good 12 years or so) and ever since I discovered Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker, I was hooked on visuals. I cropped the heads of the Snook boys into a black background with white lettering "Snook Är" and was so proud of my artwork I printed the picture on a t-shirt. Now I just make PowerPoints and spend too much time pondering which VSCO filter to use.

As a previous closet nerd and committed internet lover, I've had my go at blogging and vlogging at various stages in my life. As a kid I played around with HTML and Geocities building my own websites from fussy anime templates. Unfortunately, I did not continue my way into coding and can now only remember <br>. In 2006 I discovered Youtube and started making little videos full of teenage sarcasm and cheesy copyright-free music. That was back in the days when Steve Chen and Chad Hurley attended Youtube gatherings, lonelygirl15 was the biggest scandal of the site and CharlesTrippy still was with the first Ally. In 2012 I went to England for my exchange studies and started a blog (look at baby Vilma, oh nostalgia) which over the next years turned into a beauty blog. The beauty blog then turned into a beauty vlog, because Youtube still held (and still does) a dear place in my heart.

Then I moved to Stockholm and life got in the way. But I have always longed for that little creative outlet. So here I go again. Older, hopefully a bit wiser and surely enriched with a few more experiences. And although I am still a hopeless lipstick lover and a cheesy sarcastic, this blog is more about collecting thoughts, jotting down memorable moments and sharing my passion for the relentless pursuit of a joyful life.

Welcome to my world!

❤︎ Vilma