Just breathe

Vilma Komulainen in the beach in Lomma

I personally am not the biggest fan of every self-made online entrepreneur’s favorite word hustle. Life definitely sometimes brings situations where you need to push yourself and hustling is about taking action and working hard towards reaching your goals. All great things right? But sometimes I think the word is used to describe a lifestyle of 24/7 overachieving. While our Western wealthy lives became free of physical labour and worry about survival, we became obsessed with success. And often people define success with metrics like money, status and power. And those metrics are reached by hustling. By working 70-hour-weeks, being a busy busy bee and having a 5 am morning routine with 15 different steps. What about metrics like balance, sense of calm and content? 

Because with those metrics, becomes better work. It’s not the amount of hours you put into a project, it’s how you use those hours. And how you bounce back from work and play. The mind needs to rest for new perspectives to pop up and a sense of purpose to stay clear. If you continuously buzz in the busy beehive, you easily lose the focus, the point of view, the bigger picture. In those moments of lost in hustle, it’s important to realize, reflect and redirect. Realize where you are, reflect if it’s making you happy and if not, redirect the path. But in order to do that, you need to be able to stop and breathe.

Realize, reflect & redirect.

When I’m stressed or sad, my best trick to feel better is to go for a long walk (as you saw on my Stockholm post). All the worries feel a little less worrisome after breathing some fresh air and letting my thoughts run free. I think we’re so busy listening to all the noise and creating all the noise that we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves. Listen to that gut feeling, that tickle in your heart, that sense of pure happiness. And those tickles are not created by money, status or power. They definitely are not created by burnouts and overbearing bustle.

Beach sand and blue water

Why is it so hard for so many people to sit still? To breathe, delve into their thoughts? My challenge to everyone is to take an hour walk within the next week, alone, preferably in the nature and definitely without headphones. Sit for a while on a bench or a rock mid-way and just look to the distance. See what happens.

❤︎ Vilma