Fortunate strokes of serendipity and the power of positivity

Suitcase with pink smoke

I have an unfortunate tendency to think negatively. While I definitely live my head in the clouds and have always dreamed big, when faced with big changes, I'm always prepared for the world to end. When I first moved to Stockholm, I said to everyone that I’m not going to find any close friends and I’ll come back to Finland in a year. In the very beginning of my Master’s studies I was casually reading through some of the articles for our first course on a Sunday night. I shouted to my roommates that academic consumer culture studies are complete bs and have nothing to do with real-life marketing and that I want to go back to living my working girl life in Stockholm. When graduation was approaching last spring, I announced pompously how hard it is to find a job and that my ultimate fate is to end up as an unemployed marketing graduate living in my parents’ sofa. My best years were over and I never should’ve resigned from my past job. Apocalyptic safe room filled with Campbell’s soup and soda cans, I’m coming for you.

And look what happened. I had the best years of my life so far in Stockholm, made some amazing friends and fell in love with the city that first seemed so distant. I also grew to love consumer culture studies and still think the professor of that first course, Sofia Ulver, is one of the most inspirational power women I’ve come to meet. And I did find an amazing job and did not spend a day as an unemployed layabout with broken dreams and tedious day plans. Thus, I’ve slowly come to realize that even though I have a tendency to prepare for the worst, life has a tendency of working out in the end. So put on your rose-colored glasses and always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Pink smoke

Because life is full of fortunate strokes of serendipity. Another professor said it’s moronic to make decisions based on gut feeling and intuition. Somewhat true for market intelligence but I believe our best trajectories of life are not all paved with mere calculations and critical thinking. They also need a little foolish faith in the power of positivity. Wisdom and wonder, as Arianna Huffington would say.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
— Roald Dahl

Positivity doesn’t have to mean you obsessively repeat fluffy affirmations in front of a mirror, only to find out that success and happiness doesn’t arrive by your door by just listening to the rants of Tony Robbins and starting to bullet journal. But it does mean that you start to look at your life from a brighter angle. Seeing opportunity instead of opposition. Celebrating achievements instead of drowning in downturns. Negativity narrows your mind. Positivity brings you resources. Resources to broaden your sense of possibility and purpose, build more value and find meaning. Finding that subtle touch of awe and amazement in the everyday.

So yield to your inner daydreamer and count your blessings. Let you choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

❤︎ Vilma

Ps. Would you like to find a concrete tool for pursuing to live a bit more positively? Try The 5 Minute Journal, either in the physical or digital format. I prefer the former.