Summer of sweet beginnings

Hello and hälsningar från Helsingfors! The blog has been on a hiatus during this past month and a half. A hiatus full of life changes, new beginnings and a few bittersweet goodbyes. So let's have a little recap!

Vilma Komulainen in Botaniska Trädgården, Lund

I finished the thesis with Meri (with good grades, happy to add), graduated as Master of Science in Business and Economics, celebrated the accomplishment on numerous occasions, enjoyed the last bits of our carefree life in Lund and said goodbye to Jordabalksvägen 52 and the sunny side of Skåne. And for me, this was also the last goodbye to my two and a half years in Sweden. A year back, my aim to come back to Stockholm after finishing the degree was set in stone. But life has a funny way of surprising you. So, after two cities, three apartments, two jobs, one degree and countless experiences later it was finally time to say: adjö Sverige och tack för allt.

Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

And then I flew to Helsinki, took my earthly belongings fitted neatly into two suitcases to an itty-bitty summer studio in Vallila and started a new job the next day. Settling into Helsinki and back into the office life has been easier than I thought, although these past weeks have been rather busy. I'm starting to find that homey feeling in this city that honestly always seemed a bit grey and sluggish to me. But there's so much beauty and bliss in having your longtime friends near you, getting to speak your own language all the time, sharing the same culturally-bound humor with the people around you and starting a life that doesn't feel so temporal. 

My fortunate run with amazing workplaces continues (following my previous thoughts around applying for jobs and purpose-led career planning) and I'm happy to say I have yet again found myself doing the things I love with a team I have a lot of fun with. I work with content creation and employer branding and giggle over a cup of coffee on a daily basis, so pretty much the perfect combo for me. My only concern is if I ever will grow to be a chipper little lady conquering the early morning alarms. Probably not.

Senate Square, Helsinki
Tori Quarters, Helsinki

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to play tourist in my own city, the best weekend activity I know. I walked around the city center, taking pictures of the main sights together with a bunch of enthusiastic group travelers,  ate a crepe cone in the harbor only to be it rudely stolen by a seagull (classic rookie mistake) and delved into the history of Helsinki in the city museum. A perfect day in the cityscape.

So the start of this summer has been busy, quick and eventful but I've definitely already learned that there's more shades to this subtle city. Here's to the homeland! I think I might like you a little.

❤︎ Vilma