An ode to the ordinary

I am on the third and final week of my summer holiday. I have traveled in France and Germany drinking wine, enjoying the picturesque scenery of small Alsacian villages and taking way too many photos. 

Château de Hohlandsbourg, Alsace, France, Vilma Komulainen
Little Venice, Colmar, Alsace, France

I have taken a dip in the sea running straight to the sauna, read a book by the beach and had an Aperol Spritz in the river boats. I have walked in the woods, slept in and baked cinnamon buns. 

I have fully zoned out of emails, Slack messages, meetings and workshops. I have also zoned out of writing - which is a big part of what I do for a living. 

Haukkalampi, Nuuksion kansallispuisto, Suomi
Aamukahvi, koti, sisustus

Zoning out on a regular basis is important - vital even. But as the days of living on the lazy side of life are slowly coming to an end I find myself craving for that subtle sound of tapping the keyboard. For the sensation of creating. For the thrill of having an idea and then bringing it to life. 

Which got me thinking - I quite like my life. My ordinary life with Monday meetings and restful routines. And that tapping of the keyboard. 

Lots of people live for holidays and weekends. They strive for vacation, counting down the days for the next trip abroad and the next possibility to escape their tedious daily tasks. They suffer from Monday blues, chronic boredom or an acute case of anxiety if their time off is not filled with superlatives, sunshine and spectacular stories. 

Most of us are built with an inner need for excitement and exhilarating emotions. But how about finding those emotions in the everyday?

Just as I think it is important to be able to sit still and just breathe for a while without getting the jitters (read why I hate the word hustle), I think it is also important to live a life you do not feel like you need to escape from.

Because there can be beauty in the ordinary. There should be beauty in the ordinary. And if there is not, you need to change your ordinary.

There should be beauty in the ordinary. And if there is not, you need to change your ordinary.

So create a life you love. Keep dreaming, keep creating.

❤︎ Vilma